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Online Cello Lessons

I offer online cello lessons. These are private lessons taught over the internet live. The benefits are amazing! No travel, can take lessons in the comfort of your home, and get live feedback as to how you are progressing.

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Quarantine Special- First lesson is half off.  


Joins in on internet learning! Interact with studio mates, get access to many resources, and meet you fellow studio members. 


Here are the most frequently asked questions:

1. What do I need? 

A digital device that has speakers, mic, internet access and ability to steam video. 

2. How does it work? 

The student and teacher sets up a lesson time. A few minutes before the lesson, the connection will be established. The lesson will take place and you wont even need to leave your home!

3. How often are lessons? 

The best way to progress is to have weekly lessons.